Sanctions Exposure Report

Analysis of the Global Fleet for Sanction Evasion Risk

Organizations across the maritime ecosystem are facing major exposure to their business. Vessels violating sanctions are constantly being added to sanctions lists. But there are many that have yet to be discovered.

This report provides you a global analysis of suspicious shipping operations in sanctioned countries and insights into the main risk drivers.

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What do you get?

Overview of Ships

Overview of Ships with Suspicious Operations

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Detailed explanations of deceptive shipping practices

Risk Drivers

Supporting Examples and Case Studies


Who is this for?

  • Marine Insurers
  • Banks
  • Ship Owners
  • Commodity Traders
  • Bunkering Providers
  • Ship brokers

It is also relevant to law enforcement, border protection, defense and security professionals involved in countering illicit trade.

What's Included?
  • An audit of the global fleets’ activities for sanctions risk
  • An overview of suspicious behavior in or near sanctioned countries
  • A breakdown of the ships main behavioral risk drivers
  • Case studies, explanations and regulatory background

Windward’s clients work with more than 50% of the world fleet

“Windward allows for screening of illicit shipping activity through a quick and automated process with clear results, rather than performing a manual review which can take significantly longer and is prone to user-error.”

 Sanctions Compliance Officer at Major International Bankk


Sanctions screening for your needs

Windward’s sanctions compliance solution can be delivered as a service or deployed as a cloud-based software suite. It can also be integrated into your system via API.

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